And the best lobster roll is….

We said we would, and we did! (See the June 28 Rangeley Highlander 2nd Annual Lobstah Roll article.) Shouty red Lobstah Roll Crawl tee shirts donned, scorecards in hand and accompanied by a cute little 4-legged guy in his own Chasing Tail shirt, we decended on Rangeley/Oquossoc August 15, 16, 17 on a mission to identify the best lobster roll offered here. First stop, Blueberry Festival (BTW, just where are the blueberries at this festival?) where we met  Carmen and one of her friends Marie who knew we were coming but sadly, were unable to offer rolls this year. Ladies, we were disappointed as we had the highest hopes for yours…hope you are in the running next year (remember to toast that bun!).
Blueberry-less festival aside, we ate rolls at Parkside and Main, The Pine Tree Frosty, The Gingerbread House, The Oquossoc Grocery, The Furbish Brewhouse, Keeps Corner Cafe & Bakery, and The 45th Parallel. Thinking Bald Mountain Camps’ lunch truck at Oquossoc Day would have rolls, we waited til then to try their lunch-only offering. The truck was not serving rolls; undaunted we drove over to their lodge, but they were not open for lunch that day…sorry BMC, catch you next year. We called all other known food establishments in Rangeley and Oquossoc but rolls were not on their menus during our crawl.
Taste buds aside, we had some of the most fun being recognized, chatted up and selfied! Many stopped to ask if they had missed the event? Most offered their personal favorite and reasons why. Some wanted to know where they could buy the shirts! (Note, next year we will be offering shirts, legend and lore, and opportunities to sign up your own crawl on our Lobstah Roll Crawl FB page.) And a few purveyors themselves, while being respectful of their competitors, waxed poetic (read hard sell) about the virtues of their rolls and accompaniments such as fries and slaws.
In the end, there are couple of truths here:
1. Everyone was engaged and smiling…Passersby, vendors and of course us!
2. It’s a tough job, but someone had to do it!
3. There is no such thing as a bad roll in the Rangeley region!

And the winner is……
THE O.G.! Great value, ample fresh lobster, excellent buttery bun, great taste! Thank you Oquossoc Grocery!

See you again next summer!

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