I am writing to express my dismay about the mass shootings that are occurring at an alarming rate.

Has this world gone mad? Ridiculous ideas are being tossed around, such as bullet-proof backpacks and arming teachers. Who thinks up those crazy ideas?

The problem is guns, guns, guns.

I have heard ad nauseam that the solution to a bad man with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Well, policemen are being shot every day. How is that theory working now?

It is time to realize we live in a man-made, fear-based society that is driven by corporate greed and politicians making money to promote fear. The fear grows; it spins around and gathers more power as it spins. Fear this. Fear that.

People need to step back and take a deep breath; look at their friends, family and coworkers. Are they to be feared?

Does wearing a gun cause more fear and suspicion?

People have the ability to have their voices heard in the near future by voting. Vote out those officials who want us to fear our neighbors and those who are different from us. People need to vote for sensible lawmakers who will use common sense to make America safe again.

Carole Richards, Livermore

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