According to a story in the Sun Journal Sept. 4, Karen Wrentzel was killed in late October 2017 while searching for gemstones on her property. She was 34 years old.

Robert Trundy was deer hunting on her property without her knowledge.

He took a shot from over 200 feet away without being able to identify his target, heard a scream and, according to Trundy’s own words, realized deer don`t do that. He walked close to where she lay, mortally wounded, and was too much of a coward to face her and render aid. He didn`t even call 911. Instead he called his father who was hunting nearby. The father gave Wrentzel aid and CPR.

So, Trundy killed an innocent young woman, violated Maine hunting laws, and offered no help to her, and what does he get? Nine months in prison and the judge was quoted as saying that will give hunters something to think about.

I say that if the judge wanted to send a message, give Trundy real time. He took a life by being reckless and proved himself a coward by not helping his victim.

We all deserve to feel safe outside at our homes.

Carol Moore, Rangeley

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