Natural resources make a place special. We have the mighty Androscoggin River, flowing from the mountains to the sea. Our forests sport a multitude of deer, bear, and other critters both feathered and furred. The drive through Jay, Livermore, and Livermore Falls enthralls visitors from away with mountains, rolling hills, and picture-worthy farms and fields. Just don’t get in the pen with the bull.

Businesses make a place special, too. We have some humdingers. Verso Paper just announced they are increasing their wood fiber offerings. PalletOne can produce 10,000 wooden pallets a day. A day! ReEnergy of Livermore Falls produces enough power to energize 37,000 homes! We have wonderful stores, helpful services, and a historic downtown making a rebound.

Of course, what really makes a place special is the people that inhabit it. People make the place.

When the waitress grins at you and laughs, smile right back and tip big. I’ve been to the big city eateries. I once took my lovely wife to the top of the CN tower in Toronto for a 20th anniversary celebration. Trust me, there are no better waitresses, anywhere, than we have right here.

Our postal carrier waves at me. She waved at me so often I began to get a complex, until I realized she waves at everyone. Sure, there are great postal carriers all over our nation, but there are none better than here.

Main-Land has worked with hundreds of Maine municipalities, literally. Some of my favorite town administrators are right here. Amy, Shiloh, and Steve, you’re rocking it! Thank you for your passion to lead our towns upward!

My UPS delivery guy is the man. Mike delivers to us with such positive customer service that I use him as an example to my staff. Then I ran into Mike in the local grocery store. He was just as friendly there. He’s the same whether he’s in a t-shirt or the brown uniform.

Where we live is special because of our people. People make the place.

Our people are authentic. We are no nonsense; we tell it like it is. We are hard working. Our few negative people – bless them – are outspoken, sometimes difficult, but generally well loved because their big hearts show through their grimace. We, as a people, have good bones.

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Charles Swindoll

My observation has been that we are also a friendly, hopeful, and generally positive people. People smile and wave at each other. People volunteer at the Chamber, Church, Lions Club, AYS, American Legion, Paper Museum, or just on their own when they see a need. People are starting their own small businesses, with new businesses cropping up all the time. We, as a people, are fully capable of grabbing life by the horns and grinning as we wrestle that bull to the ground.

For more information about our Chamber, visit us at

The JLLF Chamber’s smiling Administrative Director is Christine Fournier who can be reached at (207) 500-2464 or [email protected] Written by Robert (Bob) L. Berry III, CEO of Main-Land, who has wrestled a real bull… and lost.

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