WEST PARIS — September heralds the start of a new season and church year as the First Universalist Church resumes worship services at 9 .m. Sundays following summer break. All are welcome.

Sept. 15, “The Gift and Cost of Free Will”: Led by guest speaker, Michael Carter, who will explore how humans came to possess the gift of free will and consider how much the gift has cost them. Carter has been a teacher of history, philosophy, psychology and education at the high school and college levels for over 35 years. He has been a church moderator, assistant moderator and chairman of the board of Spiritual Life at the First Congregational Church of South Paris.

Sept. 22, “Rising to Our Vision”: Led by the Rev. Fayre Stephenson. Congregations have visions and missions to guide them. At this service, Stephenson will explore how living with joy and gratitude can lead to fulfilling visions.

Sept. 29, “The Healing Power of Laughter”… and the benefits of laughing in a group: Led by guest speaker, Michael Miclon, executive/artistic director of Johnson Hall in Gardiner. He produces over 50 performances annually as well as waterfront concerts and Johnson Hall’s artist in the schools program. Miclon is also leading the charge on the renovation of the second and third floors of the historic Johnson Hall Opera House.

For more information about the church and services, contact Marta Clements, 207-674-2143, [email protected], or Bob Clifford at 207-674-3442, [email protected] To learn more about Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, visit http://www.uua.org/.

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