As part of my recent 45th-year class reunion, members of the class were given two tours of Lewiston High School. Many classmates hadn’t been back in the school since graduation and many hadn’t seen parts of the school even when we were there.

There are some incredible offerings at the high school now. Thanks to the tour guide, Athletic Director Jason Fuller, we saw classrooms for multi-media courses, audio-visual studies, computer graphics and lots more. Not only did we not have those when we were at what was then the brand-new LCHS, there was nothing downstairs. It was basically empty. Now, we even saw a model of a home under construction, with plumbing, wiring and fixtures being put into the walls.

Lewiston High School has some incredible offerings for its students now — things that they will be able to use in their careers after high school.

I did see the limited space available for the classrooms, but agreed the school is doing some incredible things for its students.

I thank Fuller for giving his time to show us how much has changed, and I would encourage anyone who hasn’t seen or heard of some of the programs the school has now to check out the opportunities.

Jon Mennealy, Sabattus

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