With dismay, I have read what has been happening in Mechanic Falls. I grew up in that town.

Yes, the town council voted to release the town manager from his duties; and it is sad that the differences between the two offices had to come to that. However, when members of the council learned of a mistake they had made, they took the proper steps to correct it and that speaks volumes for them.

I doubt that there is anyone alive who can say that they have never, in their life, made a mistake that caused themselves or someone else distress.

I urge the voters of Mechanic Falls, before they go to the polls on Sept. 24, to look deep inside themselves and, if they think that they should be forgiven for mistakes they have made that caused stress to others or themselves, why not these people?

We all work or live in places where there are policies to follow, and no one is going to remember every tiny detail of every policy.

We all make mistakes. I can only hope that the voters in Mechanic Falls will forgive as they would want to be forgiven; give another chance, as it has been given.

Betty Prindall, Poland

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