St. Mary’s Medical Center

Lily Shedd, a girl to Matt and Amy Shedd of Lisbon, June 5. Sibling, Hallie; grandparents, Jim and Rebecca Shedd, Sabattus, Gary and Peg Siebert, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Ken and Evelyn Bubier, Sabattus.

Serenity Neisius, a girl to Kayla Martin and Joshua Neisius of Lewiston, May 31. Sibling, Elliott Neisius; grandparents, Kathy Martin, Lewiston, Lisa, Bath.

Ember May Ouellette, a girl to Katie Rines and Isaac Ouellette of Lisbon Falls, June 4. Sibling, Ragan Ouellette; grandparents, Ronald and Susan Ouellette, Bath.

Gloria Joy Schalk, a girl to Victoria and Luther Schalk of Topsham, May 31. Siblings, Lucille, Eleanor, Laura; grandparents, Eric and Theresa James, Lisbon, Charles and Evelyn Schalk, Lisbon; great- grandparents, Norman and Rebecca James, Brunswick.

Imran Abdisalam Garane, a boy to Amina Ali of Lewiston, May 25. Grandparents, Asha Warsame, Lewiston, Hifo Mohamed, Lewiston.

Dreya Natalie Johnson, a girl to Kristen Whittaker and Deondre Johnson of Lewiston, May 13. Siblings, Isaiah Jackson, E’Naree Johnson.

Kertifa Ntima Bamba, a girl to Fanny Kenda of Lewiston, June 8. Sibling, Rachfa Kenda; grandparents, Bababaswe Zacharie, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lukakala Chantal, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Mason Ryan Goulet, a boy to Taylor Ward and Joshua Goulet of Lewiston, June 5. Sibling, Brycen Goulet; grandparents, Laurie Ward, Lewiston, Randy Ward, Windham, Kim Goulet, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Paul Lauzier, Lewiston, Marilyn Ward, Lewiston, Ronald Ward, Lewiston; great-grandparents, George and Linda Goulet.

Ty’Cere J’Lil Field, a boy to Tiffany Field of Lewiston, June 11. Sibling, Ty’Lil J’Cere; grandparents, Daniel Field, Litchfield, Joy Smith, Auburn; great-grandparents, Louise Field, Lewiston, Jeannine and Donald Smith, Lewiston.

Elliott Reece Larsen, a boy to Justin Larsen and Ashley Bergeron of Peru, April 20. Sibling, Emmett Larsen; grandparents, Yvette Umbro, Peru, John Larsen, Peru, Kristen and Kevin Bergeron, Leeds.

Bentley Dylan Douglass, a boy to Emily Gaudreau and Cody Douglass of Turner, April 29. Sibling, Khloe Every; grandparents, Dale and David Gaudreau, Greenwood, Jessica and Mike Richardson, Turner, Skip and Amy Douglas, Sumner; great-grandparents, Mary Jane Gaudreau, Bethel, Anne Sandstrom, Stockholm, Skip and Janice Douglas, Buckfield, Eugene and Edna Richardson, Turner.

Wilder Thayne Sprague, a boy to Carlton and Jill Sprague of South Paris, April 28. Sibling, Elijah; grandparents, Pamela and Jeffrey Hodgdon, South Paris, Harold and Charlene Collins, South Paris, Patricia and Lawrence White, Norway.

Monroe Lilly Robinson, a girl to Benjamin and Molly Robinson of Monmouth, May 3. Siblings, Duncan, Beckham; grandparents, Mark and Lauri Cooper, Fairfield, Jean and Mike Robinson, Otisfield; great-grandparents, Buzz and Ann Robinson, Norway, Jane Pennell, Fairfield.

Hadley Mae St. Pierre, a girl to Spencer and Tia St. Pierre of Lewiston, May 3. Grandparents, Marc and Beth St. Pierre, Turner, Kevin and Cindi Drapeau, San Diego, Calif., Daniel Milliams, Elkhart, Ind., Susan Conrad, Ind.

Abagail Joy Mills, a girl to Jeremy Mills and Stacie Arsenault of Sabattus, April 20. Sibling, Bryson Mills; grandparents, Gary and Charlene Arsenault, Westbrook; great-grandparents, Jeanette and Louis Rossi, Falmouth, Rita Myrick, Sabattus.

Annika Kay Cote, a girl to Todd and Mia Cote of Wales, April 17. Sibling, Elise; grandparents, Gile and Linda Courtemarche, Greene, Daniel Cote, Jay, Linda Roberts, Fayette; great-grandparents, Mary Anna Spugnardi, Lewiston, Lois Grover, Dover, N.H.

Sawyer Rae Knowlton, a girl to Sarah and Cain Knowlton of Greene, April 18. Sibling, Walker; grandparents, Carol Trexler, Somerset, Mass., Raylene and Tim Cummings, Greene.

Freya Ahnarah Marie Alpizar, a girl to Janelle and Albert Alpizar of Lewiston, April 17. Sibling, Killian Bevins; grandparents, Tina and Tony Bevins, Lewiston, Jayne Stevens, Norway; great-grandparents, Julian and Mariateresa Alpizar, Miami, Fla.

Maria Rodriguez Hairston, a girl to Emily Kaiser and Derek Hairston of Auburn, April 9. Siblings, Avrie, Journey.

Emerie Elizabeth Barker, a girl to Samantha Boonto and Cody Barker of Auburn, April 11. Sibling, Daniel Fecteau; grandparents, Susan and Thomas Ladd, Buckfield, Sai Chan, Lewiston.

Haydn Jacques, a girl to Stephen and Nitasha Jacques of Lewiston, April 12. Grandparents, Benoit and Bea Jacques, Rumford, Daniel and Rosalie Skidgett, Carthage, Fred and Ann Fifield, Bryant Pond; great-grandparents, Haydn and Rosemarie Jones, Carthage.

Mikayla Nichole Sprague, a girl to Ke’a Coffey and Michael Sprague of Greene, April 25. Siblings, Adyn Sprague, Kaura Lawrence, Kela Coffey, Taylor Sprague; grandparents, Trudy Faunce, Turner, Paul and Cheri Coffey, Fla., Gerald Therrien, Fla., Carolyn Sprague, Poland, Michael Sprague, Greene; great-grandparents, Ben and Joyce Alden, Auburn.

Zoey Gard, a girl to Joe Giovannani and Brandy Gard of Auburn, June 12. Sibling, Daphne Gard.

Sylvia Eleanor Spear, a girl to Amber Greenwood and David Spear of Lewiston, June 16. Grandparents, Karl Spear, Firestone, Colo., Christie Lee, Jay.

Roman James Quinn, a boy to Natasha and James Quinn of Lewiston, April 22. Sibling, Aria; grandparents, Debra and Timothy Cote, Minot, Paul Leask II, Jefferson, John Quinn, Pine River, Minn., Sarah Stark, Phillips; great-grandparents, Sally Manson, Lewiston, Howard Stark, Richmond, Va., Alice Leask, Whitefield.

Emerie Jade Lundquist, a girl to Autumn Morse and Christopher Lundquist of Lewiston, June 20. Siblings, Sophia and Lovelle Lundquist; grandparents, Veronica and Richard Deschenes, Sabattus, John Morse, Lisbon Falls, Louise Allen, Augusta, Ryan McArthur, Auburn; great-grandparents, Linda and Roger Morneault, Lewiston, Emerick Gervias, Lewiston, Dorothy Laplante, Augusta.

Anaya Mae Denaco, a girl to Kayla and Robert Denaco of Lewiston, June 18. Siblings, Aiden, Chandler; grandparents, Mae and David Denaco, Bath, Donald Howes, Sanford; great-grandparents, Thomas and Barbara White, Sanford.

Ezra Paul Wright, a boy to Katherine Colson and Thomas Wright Jr., of Lewiston, June 18. Sibling, Sophia Colson.

Brinley Grace Grover, a girl to Alicia Sessions and Matthew Grover of Turner, June 19. Siblings, Zackery and Madisyn Grover; grandparents, Tracy Crocker, Turner, Harry Buck, Turner, Tony Jennings, Turner; great-grandparents, Jeannie and Bruce Grover, Lewiston.

Oliver Jay King, a boy to Taylor and Nicholas King of Farmington, May 22. Sibling, Nevaeh; grand-parents, Cher and Lonny King, Augusta, Michael Rackliffe, Waterville, Kristin Rackliffe, Strong; great-grandparents, Linda and Jim Brown, Farmington.

Mid Coast Hospital

Landyn Patrick Brewster, a boy to Corey Brewster and Emma Rae Compton of Bath, May 2. Grandparents, Heather Jackson, Bath, Steven Lunn, Wiscasset, Shelley and Brian Brewster, Bath; great-grandparents, Darlene and Barry Compton, Bath, Virginia and Mark Lunn, Brunswick, Donna Meuston, Bath.

Harrison Paul Boucher, a boy to Matthew and Stephanie Boucher of Lisbon, May 3. Sibling, Alison; grandparents, Mary and James DiMuro, Rochester, N.Y., Jackie and Bernie Boucher, St. Cloud, Fla.; great-grandparents, Irene and Roland Pelletier, St. Cloud, Fla.

Calvin William Shorey, a boy to Michael and Megan Shorey of Brunswick, May 5. Siblings, Logan, Gavin, Wesley; grandparents, Teri Miess, Jay, Sharon and David Shorey, Franklin, N.H.; great-grandparents, Barbara Farrington, Franklin, N.H..

Sawyer Morgan Popovich, a boy to Darren and Shannon Popovich of Brunswick, May 2. Grandparents, Brenda and Todd Sawyer, Janyce Popovich, Standish, Paul Popovich, Standish.

Owen Christopher Dighton, a boy to Jason and Kristen Dighton, of Alna, June 3. Grandparents, Marc Stevens, Nobleboro, Patty Stevens, Nobleboro, William Dighton, Alna, Kim Pearlee, Edgecomb.

Rylee Michelle Whalon, a girl to Ryan Whalon and Brittany Pennell of Brunswick, June 3. Siblings, Gabriella Pennell, Alana Whalon; grandparents, Michael and Mariah Pennell, Bowdoin, Tracy Whalon, Lisbon.

Shelby Reese Whitcomb, a girl to Dustin and Katherine Whitcomb of Bath, May 28. Sibling, Fletcher; grandparents, Peggy Fraser, Lewiston, Brian Fraser, Waterville, Susan Whitcomb, Bowdoin, Thomas Whitcomb, Rome.

Owen Philip Richardson, a boy to Zachary and Chelsey Richardson of Brunswick, May 28. Grandparents, Phil Floyd, Portland, Scott and Susan Richardson, Windsor, Vt. ; great-grandparents, Mary Ellen Doyon, Portland, Rodney and Sharon Richardson, Sharon, Vt., Catherine and Donal Amberger, Long Island, N.Y.

Nausicaa Blossom Murray, a girl to Devon Murray and Abby Post of Brunswick, May 27.

Myles David Clayton, a boy to Sean Clayton and Elizabeth Gilley of Brunswick, May 28. Sibling, Landon Harris; grandparents, David and Mary Gilley, Harpswell, Kirk and Nancy Clayton, Brick, N.J.; great-grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Gilley, Jonestown, Pa., Betty Thuss, Point Pleasant, N.J.

Abigail Avery Jane Edwards, a girl to Thomas Mizner and Maybelle Edwards of Bowdoin, May 30. Grandparents, Shelby and Cory Edwards, Bowdoin, Robin Hartman, Pittston, Kevin Mizner, Pittston; great-grandparents, Bessy Arter, Moscow, Pa., Jane McLeary, Nokomis, Fla., Frank Edwards, Orrington.

Ava Elaine Renee Wyman, a girl to Stuart Wyman and Hailey Main of Wiscasset, May 29. Sibling, Arrayah Peterson; grandparents, Sara Main, Boothbay, Donna and Phil Main, Whitefield, Amy and Bruce Davis, South Thomaston, Stuart Wyman, Wiscasset; great-grandparents, Tracy Grover, Boothbay, Stuart R.T. Wyman, Wiscasset, Phil and Annette Main, Boothbay.

Grant James Grotton, a boy to John and Essence Grotton of Augusta, May 28. Grandparents, Kathy and Burt Mansfield, Whitefield.

Luella Clare Marsteller, a girl to Dan and Colette Marsteller of Topsham, May 31. Sibling, Sully.
Jaxsen John Kowalczyk, a boy to Keith Kowalczyk and Amanda Cozad of Topsham, May 31. Siblings, Preston Cozad, Orion Mrvichin; grandparents, Suzette Cozad, Brunswick, Richard and Mary-Beth Kowalczyk, Topsham; great-grandparents, Herald and Judy Duke, Georgetown, John and Marilyn Houston, Topsham.

Andrew Joseph Allen Dionne, a boy to Matthew Dionne and Ashley Gregg of Bath, May 30. Grandparents, Kenneth and Suzanne Gregg, Bath, Kevin Dionne, Madawaska, Lori Guerrette, Gorham; great-grandparents, Conrad and Nora Guerrette, Gorham.

Luella Lavena Evans, a girl to Dallas and Clara Evans of Georgetown, June 1. Grandparents, Bud and Sally Brown, Georgetown, Doug and Diana Evans, Bedford, Mass.; great-grandparents, Irma and Dave Evans.

Maddox Nathan Kramer, a boy to Taylor Pinkham and Kevin Kramer of Bath, May 16. Grandparents, Tracy Renaud, West Bath, John Pinkham, Bath, Rebecca Tilley, Durham, William Kramer Jr., Greenville, S.C.

Cora Dyer Despres, a girl to Margaret and Aaron Despres of Harpswell, May 17. Grandparents, Carlene and Thomas Muller, Poland, Linda Despres, Harpswell.

Nathaniel James Betts, a boy to Andrew and Denita Betts of West Gardiner, May 18. Siblings, Noah, Presley, Peyton; grandparents, Michelle Vanden Bosch, Gardiner, Mary and David Betts, Kents Hill; great-grandparents, Mary and James Moore, Pittson, Madeleine Poulin, Auburn.

Violet Miriam Ackerman, a girl to Jacob Ackerman and Lucinda Oyster of Wiscasset, May 9. Siblings, Graham, Olive; grandparents, Don and Betty Oyster, Wiscasset, Randy and Brenda Ackerman, Eustis.

Bryson Duane Williams, a boy to Mikayla Williams of Brunswick, May 11. Grandparents, Jerimiah and Sarrah Williams, Brunswick; great-grandparents, Terriella and Bret Cope, Brunswick.

Harvey James Brosseau, a boy to James Brosseau III and Megan Coulombe of Phippsburg, May 14. Grandparents, Donald Coulombe Jr., Angela Vogeler, James Brosseau Jr., Gloria Staples; great-grandparents, Donald Coulombe Sr., Pownal, James Brosseau Sr., Saco.

Calvin Paul Beaudoin, a boy to Christopher Beaudoin and Kiersten Kise of Norway, May 6. Siblings, Lily, Gordon; grandparents, Paul and Carol Kise, Waterford, Joline Beaudoin, Lewiston, David Beaudoin; great-grandparents, Roger and Cecile Castonguay, Lewiston.

Willa Mae Craney, a girl to Nick Craney and Monique Davignon of Bath, March 20. Siblings, Olivia and Liam Craney; grandparents, Patti Davignon, Bath, Susan Craney, Bath.

Alayah Rose Chandler, a girl to Tristan Chandler and Savanna Burgess of Phippsburg, March 21. Grandparents, Becky Dyer, Phippsburg, Crystal Hughes, Brunswick, Bruce Chandler, Readfield; great-grandparents, Cindy and James Hughes, Brunswick, Bruce and Regina Chandler, Phippsburg.

Lily Michelle Campbell, a girl to Justin and Ashley Campbell of Litchfield, March 22. Siblings, Arianna, Neville; grandparents, Jason and Michelle Dunn, Litchfield, Gerry and Heidi Warren, Hartland, Mark and Laura Campbell, Lisbon.

Carson Matthew Buczkowski, a boy to Mariah McDougal and Matthew Buczkowski of Farmingdale, March 23. Siblings, Kayden, Keegan, Aria; grandparents, Michael and Michelle McDougal, Hallowell, Gregg and Robin Buczkowski, Woolwich.

Penelope Elaine Gagne, a girl to Jessica and Joel Gagne of Hallowell, March 28. Sibling, Marley; grandparents, Greh High, Broken Arrow, Okla., Elaine High, Broken Arrow, Okla., Cynthia and Joseph Gagne; great-grandparents, Joan Lathe.

Piper Jean McKim, a girl to Tyler and Mackenzie McKim of West Bath, April 3. Grandparents, Kelly Corson and Phil Corson, Bar Harbor, Heath Higgins, Tremont, Tony and Wendy McKim, Trenton; great-grandparents, Donna Preston, Danville; Edward and Linda Higgins, Tremont, Hank and Charlene Tibbetts, Bar Harbor.

Asher Mark Morton, a boy to Ryan and Summer Morton of Waldoboro, April 1. Siblings, Carson Hallowell, Lucy and Myla Morton; grandparents, Mark and Mary Bridgham, Jefferson, Chester and Vicki Brown, Friendship.

Stella Rae Linkovich and Fiona Lee Linkovich, twin girls to Hannah Blais and Victor Linkovich of Topsham, April 2. Sibling, August Rossignol; grandparents, Julien Blais, Lewiston, Kathy Venskus, Greene, Tony and Mary Linkovich, Topsham; great-grandparents, Julien and Pauline Blais, Lewiston.

Jackson Frederick Ruff, a boy to Karen Libby and Jason Ruff of Phippsburg, April 5. Grandparents, Catherine Libby, South Portland, John Libby, Vassalboro, Nelson Ruff, Bel Air, Md.; great-grandparents, Mary Libby, Phippsburg, Clifton Davis, Woolwich, Verona Brown, Shawnee Mission, Kan.

Keegan James Parker, a boy to Lindsea Ambrose and Kyle Parker of Wiscasset, April 4. Grandparents, Mary and Merle Ambrose, Woolwich, Ruth Ann Preston, Rouges Bluff.

Charlie John Holmes, a boy to Aaron and Stephanie Holmes of Bowdoinham, April 7. Siblings, Clara, Samuel; grandparents, Dale and Patricia Krispin, Howell, Mich., Dana and Doreen Holmes, Gardiner.

Sean Jameson Amato, a boy to Alyssa and Sean Amato of Windham, April 7. Grandparents, Kathleen and Robert Balling, Topsham, Michelle and Sean Amato, Portland.

Lyla Rose Arseneault, a girl to Allieanna Lycette and Blayne Arseneault of Turner, April 8. Sibling, Mason; grandparents, David and Twila Lycette, Sabattus, Bryan and Kathleen Arseneault, Greene.

Melina Marie Lovejoy, a girl to Ashlee and Jared Lovejoy of Lisbon, April 12. Grandparents, Bridgette Chapman, Fresno, Texas, Sharon and Paul Lovejoy, Brunswick; great-grandparents, Harriet Neptune, Sidney, Eva Vincent, Sulphur, La., Robert Boring, Maryville, Tenn.

Samantha Ellis Burrell, a girl to Stefany and John Burrell of Gardiner, April 11. Siblings, Joshua and Tookie Gregoire; grandparents, Dawna and Roger Gregoire, Gardiner, Sheila and John Burrell Sr., Ellicottville, N.Y.

Clark Alan Pendagast, a boy to Christopher and Candice Pendagast of Topsham, April 15. Sibling, Cameron; grandparents, James and Caroline Currier, Goffstown, N.H., Donald and Jan Pendagast, Port St. Lucie, Fla.; great-grandparents, Don and Dorothy Pendagast, Shelton, Conn., Don and Jackie Tanguay, Goffstown, N.H., Francis VanDousen, Coleskill, N.Y., Ellen Currier, Goffstown, N.H.

Xavier Loring Pushard, a boy to Devyn Pushard and Kasey Matthews of Bath, April 14. Siblings, Aerial Pushard, John and Kimi Matthews; grandparents, Joyce Matthews, Monroe, John Matthews, Orr’s Island, John Pushard, Bath, Tricia Hancock, Jacksonville, Fla.

Xavier Joel Wells, a boy to Joel and Natalie Wells of Litchfield, April 16. Sibling, Violet; grandparents, Karie and Ronald Brooks II, Mexico. N.Y., Brian and Tammy Wells, Litchfield; great-grandparents, Raymond Wells, Manchester, Margaret Walden, Syracuse, N.Y.

Owen Robert St. Pierre, a boy to Robert St. Pierre and Margaret Easterling of Bath, April 17. Siblings, Jace Marino, Riley and Morgan St. Pierre; grandparents, Roxanne Easterling, Bath, Gregory Easterling, Bath, Carol St. Pierre-Peck, Bath, Russell Munsey, Harpswell; great-grandparents, Hiram Piedmont, Harpswell, Russell and Martha Munsey, Harpswell.

Elliana Fidelis Banton, a girl to Benjamin Banton and Jennifer Dunlap of Brunwick, April 26. Sibling, Ranger Banton; grandparents, William and Beverly Bonenfant, Brunswick, John and Melody Dunlap, Tuscon, Ariz., Mary Ellen and Russell Banton, Brunswick.

Vera Jane Callahan, a girl to Zachary and Kathyrn Callahan of Brunswick, April 28. Grandparents, Alane Crowe, Brunswick, Scott Ainsworth, Brunswick, Jim and Dawn Daly, Middlebury, Vt.; great-grandparents, Dick and Rachel Beaupre, Brunswick.

Ryan Alan Wimbish Jr., a boy to Ryan and Cheryl Wimbish of Richmond, April 29. Grandparents, Raymond and Shelia Knight, Richmond, Roy and Diana Wimbish, Hampstead, N.H.; great-grandparents, Diane and Dennis Egan, Nantucket, Mass., Carolyn Knight, Richmond.

Aubree Marie Thibeault, a girl to Adam Thibeault and Erin Chandler of Litchfield, April 30. Sibling, Aydin Thibeault; grandparents, Rob and Julie Chandler, Brunswick, Jim and Tracey Thibeault, Bowdoin, Terry and Kevin Marstaller, Lisbon Falls; great-grandparents, Luisita Smith, Durham, Bridget Chandler, Pownal, Bonnie and Kevin Hartnett, Tucson, Ariz.

Scarlett Elise Grasser, a girl to Jonathan Grasser and Taylor Lynch of Bath, April 21. Grandparents, Rebecca and Jason Lynch, Beth and Matthew Grasser Jr.

Asa Kyler Siah Hayward, a boy to Jordan and Nicole Hayward of Lisbon, April 20. Siblings, Oliver , Emmett; grandparents, Eric and Carole Metivier, Lisbon, Woody and Lindsey Hayward, Augusta; great-grandparents, Dave and Betty Garnett, Lisbon, Marilyn Hayward, Alna.

Camden Lee Rose, a boy to Darcy and Heather Rose of Lisbon, April 20. Grandparents, Suzanne and Larry Harrintgon, Hingham, Mass., Yvette Dilallo, South Portland; great-grandparents, Norma and Joe Robinshaw, Framingham, Mass., Noreen Waltman, South Portland.

Janaiyah Markia Bethune, a girl to Olivia Cunningham of Brunswick, April 24. Sibling, Jermaine.

Archer John Norcott, a boy to Jarrod and Kathrine Norcott of Southport, April 23.

Kamryn Hayes Brown, a boy to Tyler Brown and Melissa Rowe of Bowdoin, April 24. Siblings, Micha and Kaiden Brown; grandparents, Carrie Rowe, Brunswick, James Rowe, Durham, Keith Brown, Brunswick, Janice Chizmar, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; great-grandparent, Laurence Ringrose, Bath.

Natalie Ann Frazer, a girl to Joseph Frazer and Christina Whitney of Boothbay, June 10. Sibling, Delilah Frazer; grandparents, Sheryl Dobson, Boothbay, Michael Cox, Arkansas, Linda Giles, Edgecomb, Jeff Frazer, Southport; great-grandparents, Thomas Whitney, N.H., Jeanette Cummings, Boothbay, George and Mary Jane Giles, Boothbay.

Zelda Michelle Eliassen, a girl to Kent and Morgan Eliassen of Richmond, June 11. Sibling, Silas; grandparents, Sue Blovin, Lisbon Falls, Jeff Blovin, Lisbon Falls, Kathy Eliassen, Bath, Kent Eliassen, Bath.

Cecilia Lynn Blake, a girl to Steven and Megan Blake of Topsham, June 12. Sibling, Emerson; grand-parents, Stacy and Michael Thibodeau, Winterport, Joyce Thibodeau, Winterport, Vaughn and Frances Thibodeau, Winterport.

Lillian Rose Hawkes, a girl to Connor Hawkes and Kelsey Fitzgerald of Phippsburg, June 10. Grandparents, Michael Fitzgerald, Bath, Lorna Hersom, Bath, Stephanie and Heath Hawkes, Phippsburg; great-grandparents, Mark and Karen Samuelson, Phippsburg, Keith and Doreen Fitzgerald, Phippsburg.

Weston Roland Schofield, a boy to Weston and Kate Schofield of Lisbon Falls, June 14. Grandparents, Kathy Heckethorn, Lisbon Falls, Steven Heckethorn, Greer, S.C., Roland Schofield, Toldeo, Ohio, Ilene Schofield, Detroit, Mich.; great-grandparents, William Champagne, Saco, June Champagne, Saco.

Easton Leon Griffin, a boy to Conrad and Kara Griffin of Wiscasset, June 13. Sibling, Evelyn.

Bridgton Hospital

Magnus Vernon Lindgren, a boy to Bailey and Noel Lindgren of Waterford, April 14. Grandparents, Tammy and Vernon Davis, Bethel, Kathryn and Larry Lindgren, Yarmouth; great-grandparents, Robert Boisvert, Parkman, Suzanne Lindgren, Saunderstown, R.I., Mary Davis, Bethel, Judith and David Brown, Bethel.


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