DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’ve started walking at Bates College in Lewiston recently and the outside track is great. Now I wonder where all of us seniors can walk this winter. Are there any indoor tracks available? I know we can go to the Auburn Mall, but the cement floors are hard for some seniors. I want to thank Bates College for allowing us to use the track. Everyone who works there is so nice to us, but I do wish people would please pick up after their dogs. Any advice will be appreciated. I love your column.

— Anita, Lewiston

ANSWER: Calling all readers! Where do all of you in the L-A area walk indoors in the winter? Please share.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Where can I find the book, “Behind Enemy Lines?”—Liane, no town

ANSWER: Simply go to the local library. There are a few books out there by that title and a librarian can help you sort it out and get the one you want. Here’s what I do: if I’m interested in a book, I get it from the library and if I like it and want to add it to my personal collection, I purchase it, preferably from a local book shop.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My husband built a small lending library and we put it out on our front lawn at 180 Bryant Road in Hebron about a month ago, but no one has stopped by for a book or puzzle. We would love it if people would come! They can keep whatever they take, or borrow and/or replace items with something you have read and think someone else might like. I love to read so I want to share my love of books and puzzles.

I read your column and love how much you do and that people share with you how much help you really are! Thank you so much.

— Karen, Hebron

ANSWER: It’s so wonderful to be appreciated and I want you all to know how much I love being Ms. Sun Spots! It’s such a delight to open my inbox every morning and see what’s on everyone’s mind.

I’m a big fan of little libraries and have a couple tips for you: you could put up a poster or two advertising your library at the places in your community where people congregate and at the local schools. You could also tie a couple of balloons to your tiny library to draw attention and have a laminated notice posted inside explaining how to use it.

Another thing you can do is register your library at For $39, you receive a charter number, special plaque and the opportunity to put your library on the worldwide map. You also will receive information on how to be a steward of your little library, a poster and an email newsletter, be part of a private Facebook group, and have the opportunity to purchase deeply discounted books.

Go on the website when you get a chance and read about all the things you can do with your Little Library … and have fun with it!

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