Zoe and Olivier from their Instagram @weleaf.nl

Rangeley, ME –On Tuesday evening, September 17th world travelers Zoe Agasi and Olivier Van Herck will share their world-wide adventure at the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust.

Their travels are quite different from what almost anyone else on the planet does.

Starting in northern Europe in September 2016 they have spent the last 950 days traveling by bike, foot, sailboat and are now canoeing on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

They have carefully logged every mile and everyone they have met along the way in an interesting and colorful perspective on how they see the world around them. Having logged so far 25,000 miles by self and wind-powered transportation, the town of Rangeley is one of the stops on their long adventure.

Sponsored by Northstar Canoes, The North Face, Northern Forest Canoe Trail, Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company and many others, they continue their journey right here towards Fort Kent. Come experience their journey with them as they share their adventures and world view so far through an interactive and entertaining discussion and video presentation.

The discussion will be hosted at 2424 Main Street in Rangeley. For more details please call (207) 864-7311

About Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust

The Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust has conserved 14000 acres in the Rangeley Regionand maintains traditional public access and uses of its land for recreation, education, and scientific study. They also offer an outdoor education programming, maintain a water quality program, and offer remote and traditional camping through their social enterprise, Cupsuptic Lake Park & Campground.To learn more about RLHT or how to get involved, visit rlht.org.

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