I read the Sun Journal story about a proposal for money from government sources for the purpose of removing lead paint (Sept. 19). In my opinion, property owners should take the responsibility to put their property and apartments up to code. Why should it be up to the politicians to do something about it? What can they do about it — invade our houses to fix things? I doubt that anyone would like that.

Money for lead paint removal should not come from government programs dealing with health care or education costs. Instead, private ownership could raise money by holding such activities as auctions, suppers, raffles, barbecues and baked goods sales; or work with others to sponsor carnivals, dances or variety shows. People like “fun” things to do.

For too long, people have left solving problems to politicians. This state belongs to the people. People can make it great again by helping one another.

Gabrielle De Moras, Lewiston

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