On Nov. 5, I will be voting for Mark Cayer as the next mayor of Lewiston.

Cayer has proven himself, again and again, as a person who serves for all the right reasons. He provides a leadership style that takes politics out of local decisions and puts taxpayers and residents first. His vision for moving Lewiston to prosperity by investing time and energy into the local economy is exciting.

Cayer’s experience as a 20-year law enforcement leader stands out when reading his public safety plan. He is the only candidate who has the needed relationships with the many partners it will take to make Lewiston’s streets cleaner and safer.

Education — putting Lewiston on the map as a community that values education — is just one more reason.

Mark Cayer will use the mayor’s office to champion all that is good in this city.

I support Mark Cayer for mayor.

Linda Scott, Lewiston

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