As a resident of Lewiston, it is my hope that Zachary Pettengill is re-elected to his position as Ward 2 city councilor.

I have had the fortune of getting to know Pettengill. He is connected to the past, present and future of Lewiston. He has historical ties to the community, being the son and grandson of Lewiston first responders. Currently, he and his wife own and operate a successful business, Pettengill Academy, that help the youth in our community. He serves on the Lewiston Youth Advisory Council.

As a fellow young professional, I believe that it’s important for our generation to help move Lewiston in a positive direction.

In an age of “yes” people and “no” people, Pettengill is the person who takes the time to evaluate ideas on merit and the appropriateness of policies for our city.

I hope others will join me in support of City Councilor Zachary Pettengill.

Melissa Simones Landry, Lewiston


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