The Auburn School Committee should ensure that a school district’s administrators serve the best interest of students, all while reflecting the values of a community. It is not a fraternity where one pledges allegiance to the “powers that be.” Members should ask the hard questions, listen to different viewpoints, vet the issues and the budget.

For years now, the school committee has performed as  a rubber stamp for policy, expenditure and management practice as conjured up by Auburn’s school administrators. And worse still, they have alienated and failed the public they were sworn to serve. Only Bob Mennealy and Alfreda Fournier understand their role and its importance. The rest need to go.

I hope others will join me in voting for positive change and a better future for Auburn’s schools.

I support Bob Mennealy (Ward 1), Pam Hart (Ward 2), Olga Dolgicer (Ward 4), Victoria Langelier (Ward 5) and Dave Simpson (At-Large).

Alan Whitman, Auburn

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