Lewiston is fortunate to have an amazing high school. It is approaching 50 years of life and is still well-maintained and ready to serve Lewiston’s students. But the building of 50 years ago cannot serve the current needs of the students and faculty and meet current requirements in education.

It is vital that residents of Lewiston invest in the future of this community by approving the expansion of Lewiston High School to accommodate changing times. The expansion will allow some programs to be moved from the basement spaces they currently occupy that were never intended to be classrooms, plus offer more classrooms to teachers whose office currently consists of a pushcart.

The addition becomes a reason for families to live in this community. Businesses will see a better school as an attraction for people to move here, find good jobs and contribute to the local economy.

I am excited to vote “yes” for expansion and hope other Lewiston voters will join me.

Robert Reed, Lewiston

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