On Nov. 5, Lewiston residents have the opportunity to support the education of Lewiston students by voting to support the expansion project at Lewiston High School. The project would provide an updated, more secure entrance to the high school in an era that, unfortunately, necessitates heightened school security.

Also encompassed in this expansion project are additional classroom spaces. These new classrooms would provide dedicated space for teachers who currently don’t have a classroom of their own. Instead, they are pushing mobile classrooms around on carts throughout the day. This is not ideal for those teachers or their students as they do not have a dedicated classroom space to teach, create and inspire.

This expansion would also allow the visual and performing arts classrooms, as well as special education classrooms, to move out of the basement of LHS, where they are currently housed. That dark, poorly ventilated space was never designed nor intended for students and classrooms, but is their current reality.

Clearly, this expansion project addresses many ongoing needs of Lewiston High School to provide a more secure, spacious and inspiring educational environment. I believe Lewiston can do better for the exceptional educators and talented students of Lewiston High School. The expansion project is a wise investment in the high school, the education of our students and the greater community of Lewiston.

I hope the people of Lewiston join me in voting “yes” to support the expansion project at Lewiston High School.

Renee Courtemanche, Lewiston

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