The new season of Rangeley Adult Education has crossed through the start line beginning with David Fuller’s “Grow Great Garlic!” class held at the Red Onion last Thursday, Oct.19th. The first of the smorgasbord of offerings set a good stage for the season. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil, the new Rangeley Adult Ed coordinator, had a smile on her face ear to ear, like she was holding a new baby in her arms. Besides being extremely illustrative the class attendees had questions that held genuine interest. During our interlude we were treated to a large pot of garlic soup made by our generous host, Monica Liedl of the Red Onion, which tied in nicely with the theme of our class and was a delightful surprise.

Mr. Fuller, an agriculture and non-timber forest products professional with University of Maine Cooperative Extension, who was also giddy about his garlic, was excited to present his material consisting of lecture, graphs, slides, pictures and handouts from his research done over the past couple years. He delightfully entertained members of the class on growing an abundant, successful crop of good garlic. He presented the whole class, a bag of garlic bulbs to promptly plant as instructed to grow their own supply of garlic.

David Fuller describing the differences between different types of garlic at The Red Onion.

The Adult Ed Classes are not just for educational purposes. They offer Academic Support, Workforce Training, help with Digital Literacy, Community and Self Enrichment. The classes this season include learning to navigate your computer to jelly making, fly tying, learning a new language, baking, photography, learning to play cards, dancing, just to sharpen your skills, learn a new hobby and take some “me time”.

I enjoyed the evening out and meeting new friends from out of town for a pleasant break. You can scan through the programs and register online at: For more information you may call Franklin County Education at 207 778-3460 and for Rangeley Adult Education offerings and suggestions you may contact Stephanie Chu-O’Neil at 670-5240 or email [email protected]

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