100 years ago: 1919

Work will begin Monday upon an additional development at the Deer Rips power station at the Androscoggin Electric Co. which will increase the available horsepower at this plant by 2,500, then making the total power there 8,500, enough for the needs of Lewiston and Auburn. The cost of the development will be $200,000. The contract for this work is already pledged, materials ordered and work on this project will be hastened until the extension is completed, which with favorable weather conditions, should be within five months.

50 years ago: 1969

A get-acquainted meeting was held Tuesday morning at the Auburn United Methodist Church, St. Philip’s Parish between a new group of Head Start mothers and volunteers from the church and the community. Elected as co-chairmen were Joan Morin of Lewiston and Alice Poulin of Auburn; Patricia Piele of Auburn was elected as secretary.

25 years ago: 1994

A Christmas Fair will be held at the East Auburn Community Building, Pettingill Road, on Oct. 10 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. There is still room for a few more tables. Those interested should call Marcia Moulin for more information.

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