Recent Sun Journal syndicated columns forcefully attacked Greta Thunberg, the teen climate activist. Rich Lowry (Sep. 28) claims she has nothing useful to say: “(kids) just repeat back what they’ve been told by adults, with less nuance and maturity.”  Cal Thomas (Oct. 1) makes the same point, citing 50 years of failed ecological predictions (ironically, all made by adults).

Shooting the messenger — Greta Thunberg — is a common tactic used by those unwilling to accept bad news.

Both Lowry and Thomas need to read the classic tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

In it, two con men pose as weavers. They convince the emperor to buy a magical and expensive new suit, that only the wise and competent will be able to see. The emperor can then fire his stupid or inept advisers who cannot see it.

The fraudulent “weavers” produce nothing, then pretend to dress the emperor. When he parades in his new “suit,” it is invisible to all, even the emperor himself. No one wants to admit to stupidity or incompetence, so they praise its extraordinary beauty. Finally a child cries out that the emperor is naked and the truth becomes obvious.

Teenagers can think for themselves. Lowry and Thomas underestimate teens’ ability to focus with a clarity that eludes many adults. Lowry, Thomas and their allies ignore the severe storms, flooding, fires and more ecological disasters worldwide that are increasing right in front of our eyes.

Anne Williams, Lewiston

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