LIVERMORE — Highway Foreman Roger Ferland told selectpersons Tuesday night that five town culverts taken by a resident on Waters Hill Road were returned Monday night.

The culverts were to be installed on that road.

“A person living on Waters Hill thought he could help himself to the old culverts,” Ferland said. “A few of them weren’t old.

“I didn’t work yesterday but I took a ride over there around 4:15 to see what was what and my new culverts were gone,” he said. “Guys from Pike (Industries) saw him. During the day he took five culverts off the side of the road with a skid-steer with forks on it. Enough people saw him do it. I found out where they went, made a call and they were returned last night.

“He called me today with a very sincere apology,” Ferland said.

In other matters, selectpersons approved signing a contract with John E. O’Donnell and Associates for a townwide property revaluation.

Voters approved a revaluation reserve account in 2017 with $45,000 added then, $44,000 last year and $41,000 this year.

O’Donnell staff will start work this week and complete it by Aug. 1, 2020.

“They will make themselves available to property owners if they have questions,” Administrative Assistant Amy Byron said.

A partial revaluation was done 10 years ago.

“There was so much contention because it had been so long” Selectperson Wayne Timberlake said, referring to the last complete revaluation more than 10 years ago.

Byron said complete revaluations are recommended every 10 years to keep things consistent.

Selectperson Brett Deyling suggested asking voters at the annual town meeting to set aside $13,000 each year for 10 years instead of raising all the money in three.

“It will be easier to absorb if most of it is saved up. It will collect interest,” he said.

Selectperson Scott Richmond said that was tried for the Fire Department after the last truck was paid off. Putting aside the $20,000 to $25,000 for the truck payment was suggested but voters didn’t approve it.

Selectperson Chairman Mark Chretien said a partial revaluation may be possible in 10 years.

Ferland said it should be done for highway and firetrucks too.

“It is a good idea,” Chretien said.

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