Name: Karen Mathieu

Occupation: Two decades of classroom teaching experience, as well as Reading Recovery Training and most recently, a PreK-12 districtwide literacy coach for RSU 4. An adjunct instructor for the University of Maine, where she teaches graduate level literacy courses.

Karen Mathieu Sumitted photo

Education: B.S. in Education from the University of Maine, Masters in Education from St. Joseph’ College and taken several doctoral level courses.

Family: A resident of Auburn with husband, Michael, of 26 years and their two children. Daughter Kendall, 18, is a 2019 graduate of Edward Little High School and a freshman at Southern New Hampshire University. Son Christian, 15, is a freshman at Edward Little High School.

Politcal experience: Recently nominated and appointed to the Auburn School Committee following the death of incumbent Tom Kendall

Why are you running for the School Committee? If elected, what will be your priorities?

I became interested in running … when it became glaringly clear to me that the committee was making educational decisions and policies without first-hand, working knowledge of schools. I felt strongly that there should be an educator’s voice on the School Committee. My priorities on the School Committee will be focused on making sure educational decisions are in the best interest of teachers, staff and students. In my opinion, we need to get back to the basics of strong curriculums, professional learning and building relationships. It’s time for Auburn schools to take a hard look at what practices have been put in place these last few years. It’s imperative to hang on to what’s working and walk away from what is not. It is my hope that this will have a direct impact on teacher retention.

What do you like and what don’t you like about the school budget that passed in the spring?

I was delighted about the community support in regards to building a new high school. However, with that said … we can build the most beautiful building but it’s what is inside that matters: knowledgeable teachers, dedicated staff, engaged students and multiple opportunities and pathways toward graduation. School budgets must be a direct reflection of our school improvement plans and within the realm of reality for taxpayers. I hear the public outcries for fiscal responsibility and disappointment with the decline of student data. Creating a budget that is responsive to the needs of all stakeholders is critical.

How would you rate Superintendent Katy Grondin’s job performance? Do you support renewing her contract? Why or why not?

No answer.


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