Seldom have I come across a person I could categorize as non-partisan. A person who does not fit any patterns of orthodox ideology. Mark Cayer is one of those unique creatures who sees the world through a lens of practicality and true fairness. I have watched Mark field very difficult questions and he never gets flustered, because he knows where he stands on issues, and he is not afraid of the potential backlash from the extremes of any party.

My experience with Mark Cayer has proven that he values every person in Lewiston, and he is always there to promptly answer your calls and emails. It sounds cliche, but Mark Cayer is the stable, calm, no-nonsense leader we need in Lewiston.

I hope others take the time to vote for a positive leader who represents the best of what Lewiston is all about. Mark Cayer for mayor.

Bruce Noddin, Lewiston

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