I would endorse Eric Rohrbach’s observation that what we see from President Trump is “not the behavior of an innocent man” (Sun Journal, Oct. 13).

The president invites foreign election interference by seeking dirt from Ukraine on a political opponent. He then tries to hide his elaborate scheme of extortion by withholding documents and witness testimony. He thwarts legal subpoenas from Congress. This behavior suggests awareness of guilt.

Americans need to see and acknowledge his disregard for our laws and for our Constitution. Mr. Trump not only abuses the power of his office, but he subverts the legitimate powers of the people’s Congress.

The unfolding disaster in Syria is the result of Trump’s arrogant disregard for the norms of diplomacy. It highlights his failure to consult advisers and Congress on major foreign policy decisions that impact national security.

We deserve a president who behaves with honesty, civility and decorum, not with meanness, vindictiveness, venom and vulgarity. We need a president who does not deny the science of climate change and who does not sabotage world efforts to combat global warming.

If he is not removed by impeachment, American voters must decisively defeat this man and his Senate enablers in the 2020 elections. That would be the best way of redeeming our national self respect and our standing in the world. It would avoid a more lawless second term that could be disastrous for our republic.

Richard Fortier, New Gloucester

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