Auburn voters have a great opportunity this election to hit the reset button for our schools. For decades a small clique of Auburn socialites and elites have held the reins of power over one of the most important functions of city government.

The result has been disastrous for children and families — with an abundance of cronyism, nepotism and plain disregard for the public they serve on full display.

In recent years this clique has turned our public school system into a laboratory to field test an unproven methodology (mass-customized learning) of education using our children as subjects of their experiments and data points of entry — wasting valuable time and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer funds along the way. And now our standardized test scores show Auburn children are falling even further behind.

Give Auburn a fresh start by voting for Pam Hart, David Simpson, Karen Mathieu and Victoria Langelier for school committee.

Scott Thistle, Auburn

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