Since 2016, the Auburn School Committee has failed to evaluate the superintendent or critically assess the progress of our district. It should happen annually. Meanwhile, teachers, students and parents raised the alarm. The chair and vice-chair, Bonnie Hayes, dismissed and ignored concerns. Based on what?

Auburn schools were recently compared to other districts. The news is not good. Our scores are lower than they should be. Problems persist. A new Edward Little will not cure what ails our district. What will?

We need a school committee willing to do its homework, identify the issues, and work with teachers and parents to tackle challenges in our district.

For a fresh start people should support Bob Mennealy (Ward 1), Pam Hart (Ward 2), Karen Mathieu (Ward 3), Olga Dolgicer (Ward 4), Victoria Langelier (Ward 5), and David Simpson (at-large).

And, write in Rose Walker for at-large. Vote for positive change.

Laura Garcia, Auburn

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