100 Years Ago: 1919

(from an ad in the Journal)

Armistice Day
We do honor all servicemen by remaining closed today.

50 Years Ago: 1969

A sure sign that winter is approaching will take place In Lewiston-Auburn on Monday as State Highway crews will be in the area to erect windbreakers on both the North and South bridges. The highway commission notified Auburn police yesterday that two state trucks will be working in the area and the crews will perform their annual chore of putting up the breakers. The work will probably cause more traffic problems between Main Street, Lewiston, and Court Street in Auburn, which is already cluttered with much construction.

25 Years Ago: 1994

Plan on paying more to mail a letter In early January, Sam Winters, chairman of the Postal Service’s governing board said Tuesday that the agency hopes to raise rates as early as possible in January. Customers should plan accordingly,” Winters said. The post office has proposed a 10.3 Percent increase in stamp prices, including a three-cent boost in the first-class rate to 32 cents. The independent Postal Rate Commission is considering the proposal and is expected to rule within a few weeks. “Because the proposed increase will provide just enough” income to operate the Postal Service, Winters said, it is important to raise the rates as soon as possible.

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