100 Years Ago: 1919

A meeting of the Lewiston Chamber of Commerce will be held next Thursday evening at 7:30 at which time the question of a modern building code for Lewiston will be discussed.

50 Years Ago: 1969

Lewiston Exchange Club members will hear a talk on the new housing for the elderly at Garcelon Field —” Meadowview “— when Arthur Bisson. executive director of the Lewiston Housing Authority, speaks at their meeting Tuesday noon at Steckino’s. Noel Ouellette is the program chairman.

25 Years Ago: 1994

Fire officials of Lewiston and Auburn are alerting building owners in the Twin Cities they should be enforcing laws requiring the installation of hard-wired smoke detectors in existing multI-family buildings. Under the law, new buildings being constructed are required to install the detectors, which operate through the electrical system. The state-wide minimum time for Installation of the devices was until Sept.1, 1994 units or less. The law has allowed time for building owners to voluntarily comply officials say, and they will begin making routine visits to units which house three or more families to inspect the devices in addition, notices will be sent to owners along with a request for a written plan of action. Through a citation program, failure to install the units may result in hefty fines. according to Deputy Chief James Morin of the Lewiston Fire Department.

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