A few years back, I had a small job in Augusta for a friend of mine. I would take different routes from here to there just to break up the boredom of traveling. Every once in a while, I would take the route through Farmington Falls. Because of the little town, I would have to slow down a bit and take it easy going through that area. My car at the time really liked to go faster than the speed limit. One day as I was slowly going through town, I noticed a lady standing in a window watching me. This was a corner window on the third floor of a fairly large building. It was quite obvious she was watching as I drove by, I was the only vehicle there at that time. Just out of curiosity I thought I would drive back that same route. Sure enough, there the lady was watching as I drove by. Now this started the old curiosity spinning a bit. The rest of the week, I made sure to travel that area and sure enough, there was the lady in the blue dress watching. On one trip back from Augusta, there were folks outside doing some yard work and I thought I would stop. This felt very strange because the lady was not there watching. So, I thought I would ask the people about the lady in the blue dress. I wondered if she was ok. As I described the lady, one of the people went inside and got a picture of the lady in the blue dress. Sure enough, that was the lady I was talking about. I then asked again how the lady was. It was at this time, they informed me it was one of their relatives who had been sick a long time and could not leave the house. She had died ten years ago and always wanted to go for a ride but did not get the chance. I apologized for bothering them and continued on my way home.

There are some folks that believe Rangeley is a weak spot between two worlds. The world as we know it and those passed on. There is more than one house in Rangeley where things happen that can not be explained. As I was telling some friends about the house I lived in, they asked me to come visit them. It seems that some things happened they could not explain. I agreed to do a walk through to see if I could feel any cold spots in the house. As I was walking about the house, there were spots that the hair on the back of the neck tingled a bit too much. I knew the house and other folks that had lived there for a short time. I always wondered why people never lived there for more than a year or two. As I was going from room to room, I noticed these small rectangular stones holding the doors open. Each stone had a different number on them. When I stopped by stone number 54 I asked when and where they had found that stone.

They explained there were other stones in the woods close to the cemetery that had other numbers on them. They brought a couple home to show other folks. I went on to explain that those were actually gravestones for paupers that the town had buried. I guess those that mowed the area got tired of cleaning around the stones and just threw them into the woods. The owner of stone 54 did not like the thought of someone taking his stone so he followed it. They had four such stones about the house.

I never went back into that house and the folks moved out shortly after that. Once something moves into a house with you such as that, it is most difficult to have them move on. There are at least four other houses in the Rangeley area that has other visitors. I try not to say much because some folks do not feel there are others there and are comfortable living as they do. But if you have problems of things happening, you may want to check out the history of your house. Most of the visitors are friendly enough. Most visitors are happy if you just take care of the property.

Have a fine night now…… Ken White 3 am is the special hour.

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