We have all heard of investment and Ponzi schemes. What we never hear about is the city of Auburn’s scheme.

Maybe five or six months ago I got a letter from the city concerning the new high school. It talked about spending an additional $15 million for a 1,200 seat auditorium and sports fields. It would be paid for with a 20-year bond and would raise taxes about $125 per year for the average homeowner.

We had an election with about 16% of Auburn residents voting, and it passed. So, maybe like 10% of Auburn residents decided to raise taxes for everyone.

So I started thinking: When was the last time I got a letter from the city telling me a bond was retired and my taxes would be going down? Never.

One would assume after 20 years paying on this school bond our taxes would go back down by $125. Wrong.

I went to city hall and asked when the last major bond was retired and how much our taxes went down. A lady told me they don’t go down. “There are always other bonds to pay for,” she said.

So what she is saying is that tax rate increase is ongoing, and doesn’t stop at 20 years. 

Moe Galarneau, Auburn

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