I read in the Sun Journal (Saturday, Oct. 26) how Mechanic Falls Councilman Wayne Hackett was allowed to buy salt and sand at a deep discount from the town’s gratuity pile. Evidently he didn’t see anything wrong with that.

Wrong #1 — Towns don’t sell salt and sand.

Wrong #2 — Town councilors or managers should not allow special treatment to anyone (a breach of trust and transparency).

If anyone doesn’t see anything wrong with that, why would they pay money they did not owe? What about past amounts? Hackett said he kept track of how much he got.

Who are the town managers who allow one business owner to buy town salt/sand at a discount when other business owners had to get theirs at market price?

Mr. Hackett’s last statement in the article, “I won’t pay the town anymore if it’s such a big deal; I’ll do it for free” (like the citizens) … that statement, from an official and business owner is just the self-entitlement kind of statement that is rampant in governments today. It’s why people are suspicious of and disparage against those in office. Certain people believe they deserve “special treatment” now that others don’t get.

This is why Maine Municipal Association offers training, so officials avoid shameful discrepancies and getting their names into the newspaper.

Some towns limit citizens to two five-gallon pails of salt/sand every two weeks.

Sheila Richardson, Turner

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