I have lived in LA since June 2002. Over the last 17 years, only two did not have Auburn residents at each other’s throats over tax dollars going to schools. With Dick Gleason as mayor, angry residents toned down their rhetoric, were somewhat respectful of each other and education was not blamed for increased taxes.

He brought residents together, instead of dividing them as step one of some hidden agenda. Nor did Mayor Gleason try to expand the power of the office. He stayed in his lane, stopped the rudeness and led by example.

Our current mayor, who wants to add another local tax, has done one good thing while in office — he supported getting the new high school project approved by residents. But why does the mayor have such hatred of School Superintendent Katy Grondin?

There is a group currently trying to get Grondin fired and now has one of its members sitting on the school board, by default. Their “voice” single-handedly ranted and bullied the school board so that they would go back to a policy that creates few winners.

I feel that the success of Auburn’s schoolchildren doesn’t matter as long as certain children can occupy seats in the top 20.

I wonder what will be written about me in the next hatred-filled blog?

Beware of the dividers and their hatred.

Todd Mogul, Auburn

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