To the Editor:

From the presidency of George Washington to that of Barack Obama this nation has been revered by our traditional allies and regarded with at least some degree of reluctant respect by our traditional adversaries.

Presently under the influence of, and as a consequence of Donald Trump’s self proclaimed genius and unmatched wisdom, the image and stature of this nation as a democratic union is now being tarnished beyond recognition.

Our traditional long term allies are dismayed beyond belief while our traditional long term adversaries rejoice at the perspective of having as an ally, the presiding official in the White House as being complicit in their effort to implement the demise of democracy.

Trump is so compromised by his own debilitating degree of egotism that he believes that anyone that takes issue with him is guilty of treason and anyone that praises him should be entitled to whatever favor he can bestow on them, regardless of how detrimental it is to the realm of democracy.

Donald Trump’s total disregard for truthful factual disclosure plus his efforts to ingratiate himself to our traditional adversaries should be sufficient incentive to warrant the consideration of impeachment.

Don Chase

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