Chandler Woodcock was one of several voting at the Farmington Community Center Tuesday morning, Nov. 5. Also seen is Ballot Clerk Bonnie Baker. Pam Harnden/Franklin Journal

FARMINGTON — Tuesday, by a vote of 564 to 103, approval was given to appropriate $800,000 to replace Farmington Fire Rescue Department’s Engine 1.

Ballot Clerk Shane Cote said a total of 671 votes were cast, with four blank ballots.

Of the approved amount, $500,000 will be borrowed with the remainder coming from the firetruck reserve account. The total cost for the 10-year bond is estimated at $582,500.

In October, Capt. Tim D. Hardy said the firetruck would replace the 2002 rescue pumper that has had corrosion and electrical issues for a few years. The new truck is a rescue-style pumper that carries all team rescue equipment and has fire suppression capabilities.

Hardy estimated it will take about a year for delivery of the new firetruck.

By 11 a.m., 161 votes had been cast for the two statewide referendum questions. That was more than had been expected.

Cote said, “We’ll get our lunch rush, teacher rush.”

Town Clerk Leanne Dickey added, “Then there will be a dinner rush. People will see the news then rush back to vote.”

Doug Oliver at left leaves one of the voting booths in the Farmington Community Center Tuesday morning, Nov. 5. By 11 a.m. 161 votes had been cast for two statewide referendum questions. Farmington voters were also asked to okay appropriating $800,000 to purchase a firetruck to replace one that has had issues for a few years. Pam Harnden/Franklin Journal

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