What is President Trump hiding?

It began before the 2016 election. Candidate Trump said he was willing to release his tax returns, as predecessors had done since the 1960s. Then he claimed IRS audits mandated secrecy.  The IRS said taxpayers under audit may release their own returns. Now Trump is fighting tooth and nail in courts against congressional and state demands to release them.

What is he hiding?

Fast forward to 2019 and an impeachment inquiry focused on an attempt to influence another presidential election by asking a foreign leader to dig up dirt on a likely opponent. Trump promised transparency and released a reconstructed “transcript” of his July 26 conversation with President Zelensky. It took Maine Sen. Angus King’s staff only 11 minutes to read it out loud. But the conversation took up 30 minutes — shades of Rosemary Woods and the 19-minute gap in a Nixon tape.

What is he hiding?

Since then Trump has ordered White House staff and federal employees not to cooperate with congressional requests and subpoenas for testimony.

Again, what is he hiding?

These and other actions too numerous to cite are not the actions of an innocent person.

Anne Williams, Lewiston

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