This week I’m writing from North Carolina where I’m attending a writer’s conference, and I’ve scheduled a meeting with a publisher for my book. More about my book at another time, but for now I will say I am on the weary side of round the clock book proposal preparations. The gray matter in my head is looking for a rest. I liken the process of birthing. If you knew how hard it was, you might not do it. On the other hand, the excitement of heading into that last sprint at the end helps you realize all of that work has been worth the effort. I don’t have a cute little baby to hold, but I do have a work of creativity that is mine. I can be proud no matter what.
I’ve fit in a visit with my niece. She’s remodeling the kitchen in their soon-to-be retirement home. The color of her cabinets is to be “Shaker Gray.” I know nothing about design, but I know what I like. I Googled “Shaker Gray” to learn what shade that is. Apparently it’s a gray that is “intelligent and offers excitement, and yet, is relaxing.” I didn’t know a color could be intelligent. I would define it as “clean.” That classic, welcoming, elegant color that invites you to have coffee and chat. Or maybe share a snack plate and wine.
My kitchen is French blue. I chose blue long before blue was considered a kitchen color. I was on the receiving end of much criticism until it was finished. Years later, I was finally “in style.” French blue feels friendly and comforting. When I get up in the morning, I think of how happy I am to be waking up to having coffee there.
If there’s a point to be made here, it is choosing a color for your kitchen that makes your heart and gray matter happy. Choose one that makes you want to be in that room. One that sparks creativity in preparing food with friends and family. Make it yours.

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