Is for Donald Trump to be impeached and removed from the White House; to be convicted for corruption, tax fraud, bribery, obstruction of justice, flagrant profiting from his office, refusal to uphold his oath of office, constant disregard for the rule of law, habitually lying (which is confusing to those who don’t have the time, willingness, opportunity or interest to scrutinize his Orwellian language). And, for treason. He has tried to accuse Ukraine for the 2016 election meddling, when it was Russia.

Trump is a tool, useful to Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabia. U.S. troops are now protecting Saudi Oil fields — at U.S. taxpayer expense. I think Trump is a lousy negotiator, a failed business person, a greedy conman and probably not a billionaire.

It is offensive and dangerous to our republic that his Republican cronies support this man.

Spinelessness will be remembered.

They are worried about what his ranting texts will to do their re-election bids? Their greed and transparency is laughable. Yes, the man in the White House has made them rich, for he will sign any deregulation, tax cut to the super rich, and answer demands from world dictators.

But Trump is not Teflon-coated. He is more like mercury — toxic and dissolvable at room temperature. He was an irrelevant character before 2016, and he shall dissolve into insignificance again.

Kathryn Begg, Auburn

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