In response to my letter of Nov. 6, Ellen Field wrote a letter on Nov. 10 containing errors and misconceptions.

She manufactured the term “wonderful” businessman, which I did not use for President Trump. She cited many failed business entities with Trump’s name. Business people make these trials. Informed people know that Trump has successful properties in several areas.

Field used CNN reporters as an information source. CNN rarely has any news favoring Trump, like most of the prejudiced media. CNN fails as an objective source.

The House Democrats, with their numerical superiority, have passed a number of bills. Fancy titles of bills do not reveal all of the bad details of their contents. Due to their lack of concern for America, they have not enlisted Republicans to co-sponsor their bills and coordinate with the Senate. They should do this to save DACA.

Democrats have accomplished nothing except hate and resentment toward President Trump in the past three years. They continue to nurture ideas of a socialist government which demands very high taxes, a bankrupting health program, open borders, and sanctuary cities sheltering criminals. Democrats are conducting unfair and unbalanced anti-Trump hearings under the impeachment label for propaganda purposes in the anti-Trump media.

Most Democrats I know don’t think the same way as the Democrats in Congress, but have a loyalty to their party, hoping the party will straighten out if it gets away from the radical fringe which receives the media attention.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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