I take issue with Thomas Shields’ Nov. 17 letter bemoaning Democrats’ lack of legislative accomplishments and their partisan hatred of President Trump. Fact is they’ve done our democracy a huge favor by humiliating Trump in the 2018 elections (and two recent gubernatorial races in what is no longer the solid Republican South) and calling him to account for his nefarious Ukraine dealings. So their real partisanship is fealty to our constitutional system and continuing experiment in self-government.

Which inevitably brings me back to the third installment of public service announcements detailing what loyal Fox News viewers aren’t hearing about their authoritarian leader:

“Our republic is under attack from the President,” writes retired Admiral William McRaven, former head of the Special Operations Command.

The FBI says hate crimes were at a 16-year high in 2018, with emphasis on crimes against Latinos.


Trump says there will be a “civil war” if he’s not re-elected.


What if President Obama had asked Germany’s Angela Merkel for help defeating Mitt Romney in 2012? They would have had to peel Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity off the ceiling.

As to the Ukraine mess, presidential historian Jon Meacham said Trump is “essentially outsourcing the integrity of American democracy.”

He doesn’t read anything but the shortest of briefing papers, and seems to revel in making a fresh enemy nearly every day.

Trump called members of his own party who aren’t slavishly loyal “human scum” and the Federal Reserve chair a “bonehead” and “the enemy.”

Dave Griffiths, Mechanic Falls

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