American Education Week celebrates our educators, parents, administrators, substitutes and community leaders who believe each child deserves a quality education. Today’s children need an environment that is nurturing and safe while they acquire knowledge on a variety of subjects. Every school strives to present a curriculum that prepares each child to be a lifelong learner and to be a contributing member of society.

Our schools are very diverse and the education community provides opportunities and resources to address each child’s needs. From pre-K to higher education, students are challenged and are encouraged to reach their potential.

Nov. 18-22 is a time to express gratitude to a teacher, an education support member, an administrator,  or a substitute  who chose to enter the field of education. Each of us remembers a person who made a difference in their life or in the life of their child.

I would encourage people to support our educational community by writing a note or sending an email to express your appreciation this week.

Susan Grondin, Lewiston

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