DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you have the name of an electrician in your Rolodex for the Rumford area? I need one for a lot of small jobs. Thank you.—No name, Rumford

ANSWER: Having good licensed tradesmen in your life is a must. I hope Sun Spots readers will write in with recommendations. Also, if you are an electrician who can take on new customers, please write to Sun Spots ASAP.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have recently picked up can tabs for Ronald McDonald House from a Sun Spots reader. She asked if aluminum pie plates were collected and I told her they were. I then realized I have never told Sun Spots readers about collecting aluminum plates and pans. In fact, I also need to let your readers know that I have made three trips with tabs this year and the Ronald McDonald volunteer staff always sends a huge thank-you to Sun Spots and the many faithful readers.—Mary Ann, Auburn

ANSWER: Mary Ann herself is a very faithful, engaged reader and I always enjoy hearing from her. She often has good answers to our Sun Spots questions and is “in the know.” If you have tabs to donate that benefit Ronald McDonald House, give her a call at (207) 783-6651. She is a doll. Thank you, Mary Ann, for this kind deed.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have way more Christmas cards from various charities than I need. I’m wondering if someone may have a use for them because I hate to just recycle them. My phone number is (207) 241-0415.  Please leave a message on the machine.—Patricia, Lewiston

ANSWER: You may want to take your cards over to SHAREcenter. I’m sure someone will come along and put them to good use. It has three locations: Martel Elementary School, 880 Lisbon St. in Lewiston; 33 Industry Road in Auburn; and 376 Republic Drive in Topsham. Contact Director Lisa at 333-6671.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In response to Marilyn in Leeds (Nov. 13 Sun Spots) who questioned the decline of birds, she is correct. The National Audubon Society at the Bird Conservancy in Cornell, New York, and many other conservation groups joined together to conduct a survey of bird populations this past year, the largest cooperative study ever done. Researchers found there has been an overall decline in the bird population, a shocking 29%, with the majority of birds being common backyard songbird species.

The group was so surprised at the magnitude of bird loss that they are urging lawmakers to act immediately on bird conservation. People can take a variety of actions to help, including keeping cats indoors, making windows safer, using native plants, and avoiding the use of pesticides to ensure strong, safe food sources for local birds. Hopefully, initiatives will continue to avoid a true “Silent Spring”. To learn more, visit, Cornell Ornithology, or The National Audubon Society websites.—No name, Auburn

ANSWER: This is good information and I know readers have had concerns about this topic for a while. Check the web site for more information and to follow along with developments on new initiatives to increase bird populations.

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