JAY — Selectpersons on Monday approved the Recreation Committee’s request for $3,700 for more improvements to town recreation areas in 2019-20.

The money will come from the Recreation Tower Fund.

The board entered into a lease agreement in 2001 with a Florida-based company for a communications tower on a recreation area behind the high school. The company pays more than $1,000 a month for the lease, with all money going into the tower fund. It’s designated for recreation and town recreation projects. Money from a timber harvest on the property was also put into the fund several years ago.

The Recreation Committee has made $481.65 worth of improvements to the areas this year. Most of the work is done by volunteers with the Public Works Department and others pitching in.

Among the improvements in the updated plan approved Monday are:

• $1,000 for materials to build a BMX track at French Falls Recreation Area. The track will be built by the Public Works Department.

• $600 for a pavilion site layout, including site plan and permit setback limits at French Falls, which is adjacent to the Androscoggin River.

• $100 for Adirondack chairs. Town Manager Shiloh LaFreniere looks for plastic chairs at yard sales or on Marketplace. She bought the most recent chairs at a yard sale and they were spray painted and placed at French Falls.

• Money for historical signs at French Falls and a solar light for inside the snowmobile shed on Lavoie Street.

• Money for compost for planting annual flowers and loam for gardens.

• Money for trail materials for ongoing maintenance and, repairs.

• Money for maintenance on a snowmobile and mowers done by the town mechanic, including snowmobile ski enhancements.

• Money for continuing French Falls maps and creation of recreation area maps.

• Money for miscellaneous contingency for unforeseen expenses.

In 2018-19, $652.94 was spent on improvements.

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