Well, well, well, Central Maine Power finally received the recognition it deserves (story, Nov. 15) — last place in a nationwide survey in regard to customer service and quality, reliability, etc.

As a lifelong resident of Maine, I have never once had anything good to say about CMP. In simple terms, it is the pits. The only outfit I hold in as much disdain is the Public Utilities Commission — a group of citizens supposedly representing the citizens of Maine. What a joke. Have they ever denied CMP any request for a rate increase?

As for Gov. Janet Mills, how can she possibly endorse the construction of an energy power line through Maine — a scar on the land — with its only purpose to transmit power from Canada to Massachusetts? To me, that is an impeachable offense.

Rep. Seth Berry of Bowdoinham is correct; people are paying through the nose for CMP and now they want more.

I say that it is time for our representatives to say “no more.”

The state and federal regulators who have approved the energy corridor should be investigated to see what their connections are to CMP, starting with the governor.

Joseph Gorham, Rumford

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