In March of 2020, Maine voters will have the opportunity to vote “Yes on One,” keeping both philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions intact and in alignment with informed consent.

As parents, informed consent means we have a right to review vaccine and drug inserts, ingredients and current studies in order to make informed medical decisions for our children without our children’s education being held hostage by the state.

As registered Democrats, we presented information to our legislators and asked them to critically examine current studies and active court cases that question safety and efficacy of the current vaccination schedule. We questioned why LD 798 had become a partisan issue and why the Maine CDC could not provide any evidence of an unvaccinated or partially vaccinated child causing illness or harm to an immuno-compromised child or any child. We questioned why so many parents with vaccine injured children, who testified against LD 798, were ignored. We implored that our legislators hold big pharmaceutical companies, who are not liable for their products, accountable before mandating the use of their products. Our questions were disregarded by our political party’s inability to see how corporate influences have corrupted our government.

By relinquishing our exemptions, we are giving away our rights to informed consent.

I hope others will join us in voting “Yes on One” in March to keep Big Pharma’s agenda out of the medical decisions for Maine’s children.

Stasia Minkowsky-St.Onge and Kevin St.Onge, Lewiston

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