100 Years Ago: 1919

A most unique affair was given Tuesday evening at Abou Ben Adhen Hall, under the auspices of Liberty Rebekah Lodge. It was on the order of a poverty party and the guests numbering over a hundred for the most part dressed in old and picturesque attire and the unpopular few who did not were fined. The feature of the evening was the prize offered the most extraordinary costume, which was won by Mrs. George Huston. This coveted prize was a box of sugar. The other prize went to Mrs. Fred Cole.

50 Years Ago: 1969

Members of the Auburn Art Club invited guests to their social meeting on Monday afternoon at the High Street Congregational Church. Mrs. Robert Wade spoke on her recent trip to Russia. Contrary to general opinion, restrictions on places to visit and photograph were surprisingly lacking. The cities she visited included Leningrad which was amazingly rebuilt from World War II. Moscow, Riga in Latvia and Tallinn in Estonia. The cleanliness of the cities impressed Mrs. Wade. She said most of the churches and cathedrals are now used as museums. One of the most famous is The Hermitage in Leningrad. The highlights of touring Moscow included the Kremlin, Red Square, and Lenin’s tomb. Mrs. Wade concluded her program by showing slides of many of the points of interest.

25 Years Ago: 1994

Robert N, Titcomb, a graduate of Edward Little High School, brother of Mrs. Jack Rogers of Lisbon Falls, and Mrs. Jeffrey Therrlault of Marstons Comer, Auburn, has been appointed general manager of the new K-Mart (the parent company is Kresge) Store at Fayetteville, NC. Titcomb, a 20-year K-Mart-Kresge veteran, going back to 1949 when he entered the employ of the S. S.Kresque Co. after a brief stint at the Sun-Journal. Following military service, he has resided most recently at Mobile, Ma. He was appointed a manager of his first Kresge store at Troy, N.Y., in 1956. Titcomb. Following graduation from high school he accepted employment at the Sun-Journal, beginning as a printer’s devil. He joined the military and became a second lieutenant in the Air Force as a  co-pilot of  B17s and B52s.

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