Is it time for Sen. Susan Collins to go? I was sickened to read of the senator’s meeting with President Trump (Sun Journal, Nov. 22). She would not comment on the impeachment because she is a “potential” jurist in the upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate. But attending a meeting with the president and other undeclared Republican senators is perfectly prudent and proper? Mainers can see right through that subterfuge.

The president is not interested in drug prices. He is going to let her bask in the limelight as a potential swing voter in the Senate, the same way she performed for us in the days before the “tax cut” vote and confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh.

When she reveals herself, after sitting on the fence and votes to preserve this lawless president, we will be stuck with something no one wants — an imperial president — something the framers of the Constitution rejected. That will further divide the country in the future as each party takes advantage of this excessive power in the coming century.

I would like the president to be accountable to the law, like all of the rest of us, not above it. Probably won’t happen because many in the Senate are just interested in staying in power.

I wish that Margaret Chase Smith was still around because I know what she would do. She was a true American who stood up for what was right. Not only for the people of Maine, but for the country.

Ron Russell, Auburn

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