DEAR SUN SPOTS: At the Grace Lutheran Church Christmas Fair at 757 Summer St. in Auburn on Nov. 23, a lady bought cranberry bread and pepper jelly and left it at the bake table to pick up later. She never came back for it. If you are that lady, please call me at 375-4894. — Kay, no town

ANSWER: Oh dear! I hope the person who forgot their bits of deliciousness reads Sun Spots.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I found a silver key on the road by TJ Maxx on Monday, Nov. 18 and dropped it off at that store hoping its owner will claim it.

Also, a month or so ago I found a credit card in the parking lot by JoAnn’s and left it with the store manager. I hope these lost items get found. Could this possibly mean that I’m supposed to open up a “foundry”? — No name, Leeds

ANSWER: Perhaps. But it also means you are an observant, helpful person, and smart, too, because you thought about notifying the community about these lost items through Sun Spots. You get a gold star!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m having family come visit for Christmas and am really hoping for snow so I can treat them to an old-fashioned Maine sleigh ride. It seems like I remember a place that offers this activity near Sebago Lake, but didn’t save the information. Can you tell me if they are still in business? — No name, no town

ANSWER: I bet you are thinking of Carousel Horse Farm at 69 Leach Hill Rd. in Casco. You can reach them at 627-4471. They have authentic sleighs pulled by beautiful horses that can accommodate a couple for a private lovey-dovey time. In the past, they offered sleigh rides to groups, but it doesn’t look like they are doing that this season. Check them out at They also have a Facebook page where they post weather and scheduling updates.

Another option is Rockin’ Horse Farm at 245 Arundel Road in Kennebunkport (967-4288). They also have sleighs for that special couple’s ride seven days a week,  as well as for groups of up to eight and a larger sleigh for groups of eighteen on the weekends only. More information can be found at

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Is there a store or event in the L-A area where I can take my kids to get their photo taken with Santa? — Claire, no town

ANSWER: The jolly fellow will come to the Auburn Mall today, Friday, Nov. 29, where he will hold court from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Call 786-2977 to find out more about his schedule.

If you want to have the pleasure of eating a meal with Santa, on Saturday, Dec. 7,  he will be at L-A Harley Davidson, 839 Main St. in Lewiston, where the Mid-Maine Hog Chapter will host a free sausage and pancake breakfast from 9-11:30 a.m.

Because he has to make that belly shake like a bowlful of jelly, the following day, Dec. 8, Santa will be at the Kora Temple at 11 Sabattus St. in Lewiston from 8-11 a.m. eating again! Adults can have breakfast for $5 and children are free. Call 782-6831 for more information. Have fun and readers, and let me know about more Santa sightings.

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