100 Years Ago: 1919

The .Auburn W.C.T.C meets on Friday at New Odd Fellows hall. Included in the program will be a sketch of the local I.S.S. work by Miss Helen Keyes and Mrs. Bertha Haskell. They will speak on “This Thanksgiving.”

50 Years Ago: 1969

Various area clergymen. headed by Rev. George E. Bullens of the Auburn Methodist Church, are currently making plans for the first “Festival of Lessons and Carols” Christmas season program.  The Rev. Bullens has been contacting clergymen who will serve as readers for the service. The Rev. Roger Chabot of St, Mary’s Church, and Bates College are working on the printing of bulletins. Youth choirs of Holy Rosary Church, Sabattus, and St. Joseph’s Church, Lewiston-Auburn are holding extra rehearsals with the Rev. Kenneth F. Connor. The adult choir is made up of members of many local churches and some from nearby towns.

25 Years Ago: 1994

The bus ride from Waterford to Paris has become more than just school transportation for students on Jo Plummer’s bus. Plummer drives Bus 4 for SAD 17. She picks up students in Waterford and brings them to Oxford Hills High School and Junior High School. Every morning students on Bus 4 are amused by Plummer’s latest bit of trivia. As students get on the bus they find a new trivia card, complete with pictures, at the front of the bus.” I want the students to know they can learn things not only from their teachers but from everyone, including their bus driver,” Plummer explained. I want them to learn something new every day.”  Plummer also encourages students to find more information about the facts she presents, or bring facts of their own. I brought her a math fact and she liked it,” said student Sara Kimball. ” Our bus just wouldn’t be the same without her. Other students on Plummer’s bus echoed Kimball’s sentiments. Aaron Easton called Plummer “really awesome.” “I’m very friendly, but at the same time I’m strict with the kids,” Plummer said. `My bus Is a very fun and safe place to be.”

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