Skiing provides a great chance to enjoy the great outdoors at a time of year when such opportunities are often few and far between. As a result, ski trips can help combat cases of cabin fever that can settle in during winter months. Avid skiers and even novices often cannot wait for the season’s first trip to the slopes to enjoy the fresh powder.

While an enjoyable recreational escape, people who love to ski would probably do it more often if skiing were more affordable. The following are four ways skiers can save some money when hitting the slopes this season.

1. Book an all-inclusive trip.

Lift tickets and equipment rentals can be expensive. Lift tickets are typically valid only for the day of purchase, so such expenses can quickly add up for skiers who want to spend several days on their favorite mountains. Before booking a trip, shop around for all-inclusive offerings that include rentals and lift tickets for the duration of the trip. Skiers who plan to spend several days on the mountain may find it more economical to purchase all-inclusive packages than to pay daily charges for lift tickets and equipment rentals.

2. Book in advance.

If all-inclusive packages are impractical or too expensive, skiers can explore paying for equipment rentals and lift tickets in advance. Resorts may offer discounted rental and lift ticket prices to guests who purchase these items online in advance of their stay.


3. Ski local.

Skiing locally can save skiing enthusiasts substantial amounts of money while still allowing them to enjoy the slopes. By choosing to visit local mountains, skiers can save on overnight lodging costs. And since resorts are close, skiers won’t need to purchase potentially expensive flights. In addition, skiers with their own equipment can save on rentals by bringing their own skis. It’s possible to do so when flying to a resort, but that can result in additional baggage and/or packaging fees.

4. Make it a group effort.

Many resorts offer discounted rates on passes and activities to groups of a certain size. Look into the requirements for group discounts at local resorts, and then recruit friends and family to make the trip together.

Skiing is an enjoyable activity and a great way to avoid the cabin fever that can settle in as winter drags on. Skiers with tight budgets but a little creativity can spend much of the upcoming season traversing their favorite mountains.

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