LEWISTON — Museum L-A has announced that its third workshop in the 55+ Creative Aging series, funded by Aroha Philanthropies, will be dance-focused and led by local dance instructor Cindy Larock. “Let’s Dance! Contras, Quadrilles, Jig & Reels” is an eight-week series of classes in the old-time social dance traditions of Quebec and New England.

The Saturday workshops, to be held at Lewiston Public Library’s Callahan Hall, will kick off Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020, and go through March 14. “Callahan Hall has a great dance floor,” said Larock.

“Museum L-A hosted the first two workshops at the Bates Mill, but the offer by the Lewiston Public Library to use its Callahan Hall for this dance workshop was too good to pass up,” said Denise Scammon, program coordinator for the museum. “People are familiar with the library’s location and parking on Lisbon Street is free on Saturdays.”

All those who wish to participate in the dance workshop must reserve their place in the class prior to Jan. 11. Depending on the type of dance, each student will partner with another student in the class.

“Students will be switching partners with every dance. It’s traditional for everyone to socialize and dance with everyone else in the room, just like dancing at a family gathering,” said Larock. “The
dance workshop is for anyone age 55 and up, with opportunities for family members of any age to join the fun over the course of the class series.” Grandparents can bring young grandchildren, for example.

This free workshop was made possible through a grant program, Seeding Vitality Arts in Museums. This initiative is funded by Aroha Philanthropies and was designed to support the development and expansion of successful creative aging programs. The goal is to inspire and enable older adults to learn, make and share the arts in ways that are novel, complex and socially engaging.

For more information, call the museum at 207-333-3881.

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