DEAR SUN SPOTS: This holiday season, my husband and I decided to gift a local assisted living facility. We called to check out the number of residents at our facility of choice and were told approximately 90 people lived there. When we inquired about what their needs were, we were told that they needed socks, sugar- free candy, and hygiene products.

Now our job began to find good socks at reasonable prices and the candy. That being accomplished, we then began our search for hygiene items. I had an upcoming dental appointment so I thought I would ask my dentist for a few oral care items. Without hesitation, Dr. Sheline told me the manager, Carl, would be in touch for more details.

I hardly had time to get home when Carl called to ask about the number of packets I needed. I said, “Well, it’s for 90 residents, but I don’t expect you to provide that entire number. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated!”

A couple days later I received a call telling me that the packets were ready for pickup. We arrived at Maple Way Dental and were greeted with a huge box of dental hygiene products. All 90 of them were individually bagged and each contained a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. Thank you so much, Dr. Sheline and staff!

I’m asking that you all make it a point this holiday season to think of the less fortunate and do one little thing to help. It may just mean baking a batch of cookies for an elderly neighbor, shoveling a sidewalk, or volunteering at a food kitchen. The choice is yours!

— Ray and Joani, Sabattus

ANSWER: I love this story so much! I would really appreciate it if all Sun Spots fans would write in about what you do to reach out to others during the holidays or how you and your family members are going to start a new tradition. The majority of us have way to much “stuff.” Time and attention is what people really crave deep down, not the latest gadget. Ray and Joani, you have inspired me tremendously and I’m sure your story will at least get others thinking about what they can do to make someone else’s life better.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I would like to donate a portable Singer Solid State sewing machine to anyone in need. It’s top of the line and in good working order. Perhaps a budding young creative seamstress or tailor, an assisted living facility, or a school could use it. Please call 353-9512 and leave a message. I’ll return your call promptly.

— Sandy, Lisbon Falls

ANSWER: This is very generous of you, Sandy! I’m sure you’ll find a new home for your sewing machine the day this offer is published. Let us know what happens!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have tried to email ABC Antiques & Collectibles a few times using the email address published in Sun Spots, but it doesn’t work. Could you check to be sure it’s correct?

— Bonnie, no town

ANSWER: The email address on their Facebook page is [email protected]. If it continues to not work, just give them a call at 333-5003.

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